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I worked with my co-worker - Garett Lacouture, Graphic Designer - to build this clean and stunning website for 8z Real Estate. The old site was built just as a funnel for lead generation, but they didn't have a site that was dedicated to showcasing how awesome they company is.

The new gives a top level intro to, from finding a home to listing your house with 8z.

Lindsay Madonia, founder of Wisp Digital, had a brand overhaul, and needed a site to match! I worked with Lindsay to come up with exactly what she wanted to express what her new brand was about. 

We made sure all of her online marketing materials matched her new brand!


ZG Trade Marketing Hub
zg trade marketing lock screen 2-web.jpg

The Trade Marketing division of the Zillow Group needed a place for their all of their assets to be organized and to be accessible to the sales team and anyone else. 

I created an internal hub for their team to give everyone access to all of their assets (logos, presentations, brochures, talking points, etc), announce upcoming events, and have one place to find the most up-to-date information.


The Premier Agent division of the Zillow Group saw the Trade Marketing's marketing hub, and loved the idea. They needed a place for all of their sales assets so their sales team could easily find and use it.

This internal hub houses everything from important updates to PDFs to demos to share with clients. I worked with the team to come up with a organization structure that was easy for the sales team to find the assets for each product.

8z Mortgage is a tech focused business, and their website didn't reflect that. It hadn't been touched in years, and you could tell. I worked with with Noel, the Director of Lending, to make a website that was modern and user friendly.

Shear Angel's Salon is owned by Char Fredrickson. She started her own business in 2014. Char had tried a few websites on her own, but none of them ever took off or looked the way she wanted. 

The new showcases her cool purple salon space and the many services they provide as well.

PG Rentals was due for an upgrade. Their old site was difficult to navigate and lacked the features of a modern rental company.

All of the services that they provide weren't highlighted on their past site, whereas now, the homepage really showcases all PG Rentals has to offer!

8z Title had an outdated website that hadn't been updated since its creation 5 years before. It used to use a wordpress template that was really bland and didn't have the branding of 8z Title besides their logo.

Their new site really reflects them as a company and shows what their brand is all about!

Beauty Benefits is owned by Bethany Gray, a Boulder esthetician. Bethany wanted a website where people could find her and book online, as well as find her pricing and location.

The first thing you see when you go to is how great her space is. It shows off her style and the relaxing nature of her services.

I created the 8z Shasta page to showcase the awesome retro trailer that 8z drives around the front range to events hosted by Realtors. 

Every detail from the animated moving trailer, to the video below it, to the interactive focusing picture at the bottom of the page were created by me. This page is solely used to highlight the cool marketing tool used by 8z, and is a great landing page for people to learn more about it!

Clipperz Hair Shop, owned by Melisa Boss and Audrey Donovan, was founded in 2014 when they wanted to break off into their own business. It's hard getting started and a website is one more thing to worry about. 

Melisa and Audrey asked if I could do their site. They wanted something that was simple, where people could find their hours, pricing, and location!